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The coffee from Cundinamarca goes through a high-quality production process which is overseen and certified by the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia (FNC). The process consists of:

  • Picking (Selectively): Our coffee is harvested by hand carefully, we only select the ripe cherries in order to allow the harvest’s quality and uniformity to be achieved in this labor.
  • Pulp removal: The freshly harvested cherries pass through a pulping machine to separate the pulp and the skin from the bean.
  • Fermentation: The beans are placed into tanks from 14 to 24 hours to remove the slick layer of mucilage that is still attached to the parchment. A well-controlled fermentation is carried to assure the coffee’s quality.
  • Rinsing:  After fermentation is done, the beans are rinsed within the same tanks or going through additional water channels covered in ceramic to avoid contamination.
  • Drying: Usually the beans are spread on drying wood and cement tables with sliding ceiling and poly-shade mesh. In large production farms, silos and drying machines are used to fast the process that results in the dread beans known as parchment coffee.
  • Coodecafec collecting coffee: As soon as farms finish their process, the coffee growers of Cundinamarca come to one of our 32 Service Centers in the department where we buy their coffee to facilitate their process and offer balanced and standard prices in their benefit.
  • Hulling: The parchment coffee goes into a hulling machinery to remove the parchment layer through a friction process and as result, green coffee is obtained.
  • Roasting: The hulled purchased coffee acquired in our Service Centers is sent to our main roasting plant. Coodecafec owns a German roasting machine: Probat, that allow us to toast 240 kg / 20 minutes which is a production capacity of 3.000 kg monthly.
  • Grinding: In our main plant we also count with grinding mills that process 100 Kg per hour.
  • Cupping: In our laboratory, we observe the coffee attributes and analyze its physical and organoleptic properties according to national and international protocols and standards in detail for every coffee and we verify the quality requirements for its consumption in the country and for exporting.
  • Training: Coodecafec offers training sessions for coffee growers or any person interested in tasting, roasting, quality and brewing coffee to keep them updated with the market trends.


Coodecafec also offers to manufacture and exporting services for those who are interested and have their own brands of coffee to commercialize in the national or international market.