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Coodecafec buys the best coffee produced in farms of the Department, the production process from sowing to the exportation of the product consists of sustainable and environment-friendly procedures, some certifications that support these practices are:


The Rainforest Alliance Mission is to preserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable life patterns to transform soil usage practices, corporative practices and consumers’ behavior.




“The 4C Association aims to unite all relevant coffee stakeholders in working toward the improvement of the economic, social and environmental conditions of coffee production and processing to build a thriving, sustainable sector for generations to come.”


Colombian Coffee:

The 100 % Colombian Coffee Program is a symbol of association and respect among growers, customers and consumers of Colombian Coffee.”


Colombian Coffee Denomination of Origin:

“These derive from a specific region or farm, and possess unique qualities due to the fact that they are grown in unique locations. They are usually sold to final consumers without being mixed with other qualities or with coffees of other origins.”





“This coffee requires to be cultivated without the use of chemicals such as fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and fertilizers..”