Coffee Exportations 2017

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Coffee is one of the main products for exportation from Colombia and we can notice the increased participation of the department of Cundinamarca in the international market.

Coffee continues to be one of the main products for exportation in our country, according to the reports published by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for the first semester of 2017, we can observe very interesting information that can be used as a starting point for coffee companies so they can focus their strategies towards the areas with the major potential. Some of the most relevant data according to the reports is:

  1. The United States is our main coffee customer, this country represented 45% of total exportations in the first semester, Europe was  the second region in the world with almost 30% being Germany the first country of this region with the majority of coffee exportations, then Japan reached the 10% and Canada a 7%.
  2. According to the last report of coffee exportations published in August, the departments with more exportations were Caldas (over 62 thousand tons), Antioquia (over 58 thousand tons) and Risaralda (over 47 thousand tons).  Bogota and Cundinamarca summed up 21 thousand tons along with Santander.
  3. Cundinamarca's customers are not very different from the rest of the country, the USA is the first country of Cundinamarca's coffee exportation with 8.896 tons in the first semester, then Europe with 5.435 tons, Japan with 3.185 tons and Canada 1.950 tons.
  4. National exportations to the USA increased a 3.7% compared to the first semester of last year.
  5. The exportations of the first semester of this year represented more than 1 million dollars income for Colombia.