Coffee from Cundinamarca selected as one of the best cups in Colombia

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The only coffee lot from the Department of Cundinamarca preselected to the Cup of Excellence Competition in Colombia ended as the second position among more than 100 coffees tested in the country. 

The Cup of Excellence is a competition that takes place in nine coffee producer countries every year and is held by an international organization called Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE), their purpose is to assure excellence for coffee with activities that promote its high quality and benefit coffee growers.

This competition was carried out in Colombia during September and it consisted of three stages. The first one was about preselecting 100 lots from the total number of enrolled to participate, then a national jury chose the 76 best lots and finally, the international jury decided what coffees were the best ten cups of the country.

 The ACE organization has a very rigorous test method whereby the different variables of coffee lots are analyzed as the Performance factor, humidity, defects and a cupping score above 85 points.

Lots from may Departments of the country were enrolled in the competition, however only one from Cundinamarca passed the preselection. This coffee not only advanced to the national jury stage but also was named as second in the competition by the international jury.

This coffee from Cundinamarca had a final score of 90.78 points and belongs to the agronomist and coffee grower Orlando Ospina from the Municipality of La Mesa, Cundinamarca, Mr. Ospina outstood because this lot was his first coffee harvest and decide to produce it by way of handmade picking to reduce ecological impact in the environment.

The lot was also mentioned as one of the Presidential Coffees for being among the six cups with a 90 superior score.

The next 7th of November ACE will hold the online Live Auction for those interested to acquire these high-quality coffees from Colombia origin.

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