How to brew a good Cundinamarca's Coffee

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What do you need to know to brew a good quality coffee from Cundinamarca Origin? write down and start today!

Brewing a Coffee from Cundinamarca:

Brewing is one of the critical points to get a good quality cup of coffee, although every person has his/her own preferences to choose one brewing method, it is important to know what characteristics enhance each one and have in mind some factors that could influence into the final cup.

1- Quality of water is very important for your coffee so always try to use purified water.

2- The flavor and aroma will be more abundant if coffee is been roasted recently.

3- Whatever machine you use for brewing, it must always be wiped and cleaned after each use. This will eliminate residuals that can affect negatively the flavor of the next cup of coffee.

4- The right temperature for brewing is always between 90 - 96ºC (195 - 205ºF).

5- According to the characteristics you want to enhance in your coffee, it is very important the method you choose, because this will determine the components like aroma and flavor that are derived from roasting so the beverage can preserve them. Some brewing methods suggested are:

Chemex brewing outstands panela and citric flavors of coffee, the approximate time of preparation must be 4 minutes.

Aeropress brewing balances the beverage and leave and goof and long aftertaste, time of preparation must be 3 minutes.

In V60 we get a very good brewing that enhances fruitful tastes, body, sweetness, and acidity of the cup, the approximate time of preparation must be 4 minutes.

Remember the extraction time when brewing because if it gets over-extracted meaning the brew time is too long, the coffee will taste bitter and in the other hand if it is under-extracted or the brew time is too short the cup will feel watery.

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