Cooperative Meeting of Coffee Growers

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This week COODECAFEC and other 32 cooperatives of the country came together in the cory of Pereira, Colombia at the Cooperative Meeting for Coffee Growers 2017; the event that started on Thursday, October 26th was organized by the National Federation of Coffee Growers in Colombia (FNC)  with the objective to establish new strategies to strengthen the cooperative sector and offer best services to their associates.

As attendees from Cundinamarca were the representative of the National Coffee Growers Committee, Dr. Javier Bohorquez, the President of the Coffee Growers Committee of Cundinamarca, Mr. Carlos Vera, the Chief Executive of this Committee, Dr. Marcos Barreto, the President of the Administrative Council, Mr. Valerio Antolinez and Mr. Álvaro Barbosa, also member of this council.

COODECAFEC was represented by the General Manager, Milton Pérez the President of Administrative Council, Valerio Antolinez and Mr. Álvaro Barbosa, member of this council. Mr. Milton is committed to the coffee industry of the department and was part of a previous meeting with other cooperatives' managers to establish the agenda for this event.

Around 240 representatives from 16 departments of the country gathered together with the Executive Manager of FNC, Roberto Vélez Vallejo, the manager of Almacafe and the director fo cooperatives, Javier Sanín to share and analyze topics as: strategic alliances with bank sector to grant benefits to coffee growers, experience in the  Canadian cooperative model and the presentation of successful experiences of cooperatives of coffee growers in Colombia.

The Director Javier Sanín highlighted the importance of the institutionalism in benefit to the coffee growers explaining: "We want the cooperatives to have a new relation with FNC and with the institutionalism, to offer better services to associates. the coffee growers will have a broader participation in the country and then they will find in the cooperative the best option to buy coffee".

He also mentioned · the cooperatives must grow, be sustainable companies and their growth must be based on the services for their associates, that's what we mean nowadays".

The cooperatives of coffee growers are part of a national network of bean buyers that are spread in 540 points of service and 200 agricultural supplier stores directed by associates part of the cooperatives.

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