Specialty Coffee of Colombia Expo, quite an experience

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Coffee of Colombia 2017 is one of the most important specialty coffee events in Latin America and is organized every year by the National Coffee Growers Federation of Colombia. This year we had very good experiences that started with an opening that invited us to appreciate the quality of our coffee and the work of its producers, from there we there were big expectations and curiosity to know the coffees from every region of the country.

Companies like COODECAFEC that want the international market to know them, they had the chance to show their brands and establish relationships with foreign buyers to demonstrate the potential of the Cundinamarca's coffee.

Many companies that are part of the value chain of the bean, since producers till consumers were present as cooperatives and associations of coffee growers, small companies with their own brands, toasters, machine suppliers, departmental committees and dependencies from Federation as Alamacafe and Cenicafe. All reunited in the same place to show the hard work of our favorite drink.

The Expo left digits in the business of 951.700 dollars, an attendance of 16 thousand people and more than 100 expositors, we also had the presence of Juan Valdez and Professor Yarumo who participated actively in the activities.

On the other hand, we had many foreign visitors that were looking for a variety of cup profiles to bring with them to their countries. At the international auction were offered coffees from Cauca, Cundinamarca, Nariño, and Quindio, 24 micro lots were sold to 12 clients, representatives of companies from Colombia, China, USA, Japan, and the UK.